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An Afrikaans speaking girl and married to a wonderful “soutie”. I have a super cute and busy toddler named Inge Rose (hence the ‘Rose’ in Rose Lounge).

I used to work in the medical field as a Radiographer. Since Inge’s birth I just never went back to work, she refused a bottle, we really did try everything to get her to take a bottle or at least a pacifier. I was home for a while and decided to go for a few courses to start my home-based salon. 

I was raised by a beautician and skincare has always been part of my life. My mother luckily already had a client base of 30 clients here in Somerset West, although she is based in Swellendam. It all started when micro-needling was a new and popular treatment (still is), so my friends, colleagues, and their friends all wanted a micro-needling treatment when my mom comes to visit her granddaughter in Somerset West. My mom brought her equipment and did the treatments on my bed, shame her poor back! Eventually, we used a salon bed and just placed it in my Lounge (hence the ‘Lounge’ in Rose Lounge). I am relieved to say that today Rose Lounge is no longer in my lounge anymore, a busy toddler and relaxing treatments did not go well together.

There was a demand for affordable micro-needling treatments and my mother charged ‘platteland’ prices, we had no overhead costs thus we could charge a more affordable price. When Inge decided that I can not go back to work my mom had an idea and contacted the Dr that offers micro-needling training to train me (my medical background was a win here) so that I can take over all the clients she has to travel for every month.


And so it started! Inge’s strong-willed forced me into a position in life I never thought I will ever enjoy as much as I do. I am loving this life of being able to help people boost their confidence by better their skin, I especially have a soft spot for my acne sufferers. I also just love being a listening ear in a relaxing environment!


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