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Landi Tiffin Owner of Rose Lounge Beauty Spa Somerset West

Landi Tiffin


Hi, I am Landi Tiffin


The owner of Rose Lounge, a beauty salon based in Somerset West.

I am passionate about transforming my client's skin from the inside out by using advanced

and effective skin resurfacing systems.


Rose Lounge is my go-to for self-care advice and products

Landi has helped me so much take care of my skin, follow the correct skincare routines and do the appropriate facials! I used to have acne-like rashes, itchiness and dried-out skin, which was quite noticeable. I have seen such amazing results using pH formula products (Landi has put together a kit for me).

My friends have made comments on how my skin looks so much healthier, and I can definitely feel a difference in my skin texture. Landi is not only a beauty and self-care expert but also a genuinely caring person who wants her clients to feel good about themselves and help them get there. Thanks, Rose Lounge for giving me a boost in both my skin condition and my confidence!

Anneleen Terblanche


Self-care is often misconstrued as self-indulgence—or treating yourself to things you don’t need—but caring for yourself
now is more vital than ever.
“Self-care isn’t selfish.” 

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